What we do

2MC offers a range of products and services grouped into 3 main units:

Data Analytics

Our Analytics unit specializes in data analysis and survey implementation; conducting large scale surveys using tablets and mobile devices. Our team of experts have experience in running surveys at a national level, impact evaluation of World Bank projects and hosting data in the cloud, collected in surveys. We offer a whole suite of services along the survey chain, giving our prospective clients the option to choose which parts along the survey chain they need our services. Our belief is that 2MC offers software solutions to problems faced by our clients;

Software Development

Our Software team builds value added products on top of open source or existing commercial software to suit its clients and thus reducing the development time which in turn reduces the cost of the application to the client. We believe there exist solutions to most of the challenges face by both the public and private institutions. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we use the existing solutions out there and redefined them to suit our clients need at an affordable price and give them a solution that is already in used by other organizations to solve similar challenges to theirs.

Capacity Development

2MC Academy offers trainings and consulting in data analysis, statistical software and project management. 2MC Academy focuses on capacity building for institutions that deal with data on a regular basis but lack the skills to make the most of this. We work closely with our clients, to get a solid grasp of their work processes in order to design training programs that would benefit the institution, increase productivity and find new ways of make the most of the data at their fingertips. We pride ourselves in our approach to capacity building; not only training our clients b ut also engaging with them afterwards to make sure our trainings are embedded into the client’s workflow.

Our Team

2M Corp is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for technology and depth in their respective areas of expertise. Our dedicated team members bring energy, innovative ideas and a deep pride to their work.

We strive to create an environment where motivated, creative and smart people succeed. We work hard with very big ambitions. We strive for excellence in everyday interactions and we constantly push to be better

Only with strong partnership can we grow!!!

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